Monday, December 04, 2006

My "Van Helsing" MacAddict Interview

Back in June 2004, MacAddict magazine published an interview with yours truly, covering my use of Macintosh and After Effects for the film, "Van Helsing." They also put together a sweet video interview, too. I just put the video online, so you can take a look. Kris Fong from MacAddict spent a couple of hours with me discussing OPN072, one of our visual effects shots from "Van Helsing." It was a lot of fun, and it was really great to show off some of the terrific features of After Effects.

Sometimes it's really difficult to describe what I do for a living with just words. This video does a pretty darn good job giving you a glimpse into the type of work we do in the visual effects world, day in and day out.

MacAddict interviews Todd Vaziri, for "Van Helsing"

Here's how the feature looked in the magazine, itself:

What you couldn't see is the fact that the interview took place during the second to last week of production on "Van Helsing," and I was severely stressed. So were my office mates, Sean Mackenzie and Tia Marshall, who had to endure me yapping about my shot with Kris for a few hours, with all of the lights and cameras, and trying to get their shots done, too. So super thanks go to them for putting up with me, that day, and every day.

Visual Effects by Industrial Light & Magic. "Van Helsing" (c) 2004 Universal Pictures.

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