Sunday, March 02, 2008

VFX HQ Updated... No, I'm Not Joking

Okay, so I really only updated one page, the Academy Awards section of Visual Effects Headquarters that lists every visual effects Oscar winner and nominee since 1939. I've added "The Golden Compass," "Transformers," and "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" to the list of Academy honors.

The Awards section is the only section that gets regular updates, since these pages scream out to be up-to-date... even though no new reviews appear on the site. But whenever a reader (and there are still thousands of readers of VFX HQ each week) points out an error on the site, I'm fast to correct it. Feel free to continue sending in typos, errors in credits, and overwhelmingly egregious grammatical errors.

I still stand by my opinions and reviews that are featured on VFX HQ, and am particularly fond of revisiting some of my old articles (even though my sometimes amateurish writing style makes me cringe). Here's one of my favorite codas that I wrote for the site, where after reviewing the effects for a particular film, I comment on the film itself.

Here's a snippet from my coda from James Cameron's "Titanic":

There are probably dozens of shots of the film's 600+ effects shots that will never be noticed--interior CG water, CG props, countless wire removals, rig, light, prop and character erasures, miniature interior sets, even body part erasures--all of which add to the rich visual tapestry created by director Cameron. The visual effects of TITANIC are like no other film's; not only are they some of the finest, most original shots ever made, but they work with the story instead of being straightforward eye candy.

The style of TITANIC's visual effects will inexorably and rightfully be credited to Cameron, who has crafted his film with effects to propel his characters and to drive the narrative. He is one of a select few Hollywood directors who can not only write for visual effects, but who has the faith in the industry to create never-before seen imagery previously limited to his imagination... Cameron is a grand storyteller whose palette always includes a healthy batch of innovative effects, and for that, moviegoers (and the industry, itself) should be thankful.

And here's another coda, this time from my visual effects review of Michael Bay's "Armageddon":

ARMAGEDDON contains some of the most brilliant visual effects of the year. Unfortunately, it is surrounded by one of the most annoying films of recent memory. The film is a loud, obnoxious experience that runs far too long. Combined with this year's other turkey, GODZILLA, one thing becomes quite clear: effects artists are doing their jobs... why can't writers and directors?

In that "Titanic" snippet, there existed one of those famous typos on the site. I spelled "Titanic" "Titainic." Yeah, it's been like that on the website for 11 years. Good stuff.


Daniel Broadway said...

I suppose I'm one of the few people who thinks Armageddon is a fun movie. Heh.

Ian said...

What's the chance of bringing VFXHQ back? Please!

Todd said...

Daniel Broadway wrote:
>I suppose I'm one of the few people who thinks Armageddon is a fun movie. Heh.

No way, Daniel. You're not alone. "Armageddon" has a lot of fans, and made a ton of money: over a half a billion dollars worldwide [].

Todd said...

Ian wrote:
>What's the chance of bringing VFXHQ back? Please!

The chance? Between 0.000043% to 0.000047%. It was just too much work. I loved doing it, but it was just too much.