Monday, April 07, 2008

"Raiders of the Lost Ark:" Simply Cool Shots

Wrapping up our series, paying tribute to the photography of Douglas Slocombe for "Raiders of the Lost Ark." (Be sure to see Part 1, "Raiders:" Shadows and Silhouettes, Part 2, "Raiders:" Eyes, and Part 3, "Raiders:" Foregrounds and Backgrounds.)

Here is a sampling of just plain cool in-camera shots (no visual effects) from "Raiders."


Ian said...

Thanks for the Indy posts, Todd. I'm now going to be watching the 3 old movies in a row with those things in mind!

Are the old films being re-released at all in cinemas in the US before Indy 4 comes out, do you know?

Anonymous said...

Now that would be cool, like they did back with Star Wars.

I'd love to see those movies again on the silver screen.


Estoye said...

It really is mindblowing how much thought and care was put into this Indiana Jones movie vs. that most recent abomination.