Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fit to Print: Quoted in the New York Times

So, only yesterday I realized that we were quoted in The New York Times on a story about advertising trends and conspicuous and unintentional similarities among current marketing campaigns. Did I just write that? The New York Times? Someone from The New York Times, the newspaper of record, has read this silly website? And their head didn't explode from the egregiously poor grammar, unresolved arguments and questionable sentence structure prevalent throughout this site?

The article made mention of my most popular post, "Beowulf and 300," part of our Movie Marketing is Hard series, which probably rocketed to undeserved heights after being picked up by Defamer last year.

From November 20, 2007, in the freakin' New York Times, in an article titled "Imitation Hits the Marketing Business. Again.":


Anonymous said...

Found a really good comparison of these two similar movies. It compares the trailers and its shocking how close some of the elements line up.


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