Friday, November 20, 2009

James Cameron's "Avatar" Trailer

Yeah, it's a few weeks late, but I've been a bit busy finishing a film. On an unrelated note, the final trailer for James Cameron's "Avatar" is out in the world, and the Randomizer 2009™ software was cranked into overdrive and selected two images from the trailer.

Hey, didn't this shot look a little different in the teaser?

View the trailer here.


Anonymous said...

That bottom shot does look different. Hmm, maybe it was adjusted by someone? ;P

Anonymous said...

Its quite interesting (in a totally all-absorbing and maybe anti-social kind-of-way) to compare the teaser shots with the trailer shots, aided by gratuitous amounts alt-tabbing. The adding of smoke, removing of super greens, adding in of horizons, that kind of thing. Nicely shows how shots develop.

(..well, that's what i think)

Anonymous said...

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