Friday, March 12, 2010

21 Years in a Row

As you may have heard, "Avatar" picked up the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects, which extended the streak of The VFX Predictinator correctly predicting the winner of that category to its twenty-first year. In this post, we showed you our prediction for 2009:

The obvious response from someone who hasn't followed our work on the Predictinator is, "well, of course 'Avatar' won this category. It was a shoo-in." Well, maybe it was, but it illustrated that The VFX Predictinator works.


Filip said...

I would rather say that the streak of correct predictions is now 1 year. From a statistics point of view it seems a little fishy to validate the model on the training data. :-)

Great blog btw!

Anonymous said...

Interesting point of view Filip, I was about to comment the same, you stole the ideas form my head..haha, but never the less it is a great movie and deserves the awards.

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