Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Inception" Music Analysis

Even those who didn't think "Inception" was a masterpiece must admit the film is rich, interesting, and worth talking about. Or, in the case of YouTube user "camiam321," meticulously analyzing the film's soundtrack.

Inception Music Comparison by "caiam321"

Spotted at The AVClub, "Great Job, Internet!: The secret of the Inception soundtrack."

update: Composer Hans Zimmer talks to The New York Times about his score.


vfx'n'3d (Riko) said...

Incredible!!! this is right!

Chris O'Connell said...

I came across this video on stumbleupon recently. Makes me wonder, with all the combinations of musical elements that have been written by people of varying degrees of fame over the centuries, who the heck even knows what's "original" any more?