Sunday, February 24, 2013

With and Without Rhythm & Hues

A protest at this year's Academy Awards is taking place today to draw attention to the current state of the visual effects industry. While visual effects films are making billions of dollars at the box office, visual effects facilities are declaring bankruptcy and going out of business. The situation has never been more bizarre and ironic than the recent bankruptcy announcement of Rhythm & Hues, the visual effects shop that created the creatures of "Life of Pi", a film that has earned $580M worldwide, and, which many believe is the frontrunner to win the Oscar for visual effects at today's awards show.

"Piece of the Pi" Protest at the Academy Awards

I created these two graphics to illustrate the importance of visual effects to a film like "Life of Pi", and I'm thrilled that they've been passed around the internet to help with awareness of the current crisis state of the visual effects community.


Andrew Sibulsky said...

I wish I could have been down there to support all the artists demonstrating.

TylerMirage said...

You'd think Hollywood would become wise to this issue. VFX are a very integral part of many, many films these days. And if they go away? Well, good luck making bank at the box office.

I was worried that there was going to be issues with the presentation of the VFX award. Something like the supervisors not showing up, or being all angry and start making a speech about the industry.

Though I suppose that could've been one of the reasons why they seemed to cut off Bill during his speech - to avoid going into an awkward area...