Sunday, February 28, 2016

"Ex Machina" Wins The Oscar

Congratulations to the entire visual effects team behind "Ex Machina", the winner of the visual effects Oscar at the 88th Academy Awards.

Andrew Whitehurst, Paul Norris, Mark Ardington, Sara Bennett

(Don't talk to me about The Predictinator right now.)


matthew said...

Your formula might still be correct! I'm curious whether some of the voting categories last night had split votes, allowing a third choice to come through.

darkmoon3d said...

how exactly does the academy voting work in regards to ties or split votes? Several years ago, Skyfall and Zero Dark Thirty both won for sound editing so assumed would be possible with vfx. Looking at predictinator scoring, it was a very tight race between Martian, Revenant and Mad Max. Wondering if star wars had extra points for cg characters in primary fx had it been closer to four way tie. Think predictinator should have taken into account variables of marketing for vfx category and using supporting fx rather than fx driven. Even applying supporting fx qualification on Hugo (Previous fx win using supporting fx); it still would have won. Not to mention revenant bear being applicable as primary effects as a cg character.

Irregardless of the results I'm wondering if Ex Machina won not just due to a split vote but originality of material. Mad Max and Star Wars were both based on a preexisting franchise while Revenant and Martian were based on written material.