Saturday, January 27, 2007

Fox is Awesome

Happening this morning on Fox News Channel:

Brian Wilson of Fox News Channel's "Weekend Live" news program is devoting a segment to the "American Idol" phenomenon. He's interviewing Kimberly Caldwell, the host of "Idol Tonight," a show on the TVGuide Channel that solely covers "American Idol."

Did you get all that? Fox-owned Fox News is interviewing a woman who works for a Fox-owned channel (TVGuide Channel) and Fox-owned magazine (TVGuide) about a show that is on the Fox network. And this is all occurring on a News channel.

It's kinda like when Pat O'Brien gets an 'exclusive' interview with Tom Cruise just before the release of "M:i:III" on "Entertainment Tonight," which is preceeded by an ad for "M:i:III" on a CBS affiliate. Did you see what happened there? Ever single piece is owned by Paramount/Viacom. "ET" itself, the very station that it is airing on, the advertisement, and "M:i:III" itself are all controlled by a single entity.

Don't you think it's strange that Harry Potter has been on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, oh, seven hundred and twenty two times? You wouldn't think it is strange when you realize that Time Warner owns both E.W. and the Harry Potter film and book franchise.

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