Saturday, February 02, 2019

Who is the Mystery Person Behind Han Solo? SOLVED!

It’s time for another edition of your favorite movie game show, “Wait, That Was Always There? No, Way!”

Here’s a scene from “Star Wars”.

direct YouTube link

You see it, right?

I never noticed this person behind Han. And it’s been there the entire time. And it doesn’t matter there’s a crew member clearing the edge of the set—in the editing room Marcia/Hirsch/Chew/George probably liked the pacing of this shot with this particular in-point.

There are so many lessons about cinema and filmmaking to be made with this example.

[I blame Auralnauts for pointing this out to me, since I never knew about this before yesterday. ]

Okay, so I cut together a shot from later in the sequence (just before the jump to hyperspace) with our “mystery crew member” shot. It sure looks like it’s Alec Guinness and the “mystery” shot is the tail of a take from the earlier shot. Pretty cool.

direct YouTube link

Original tweet.

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