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What makes "Transformers" special is the quality of the effects. I soon stopped marveling over how good the robots looked because they quite simply looked so good that I forgot they weren’t real. This film is one of the few big budget effects films that I think really get the effects right, where you’re able to sit back and forget that you’re looking at a big mess of pixels on somebody’s computer and just appreciate the action for what it is. And what the action is is often amazing.

While I would have liked to see more distinguishing elements in the battle scenes, I can’t complain when Optimus Prime and Megatron hurtle through an office building. Bay gives the action a sense of impressive scale, the kind of thing missing from the final battle in Pirates 3. The climactic fight in Transformers just feels huge and like it has impact. There’s a weight to the CGI characters and their actions that is often missing from films like this – not just in terms of destruction wrought (there’s tons of that, of course) – but quite literally weight in a gravitational sense. Too many CGI beings seem weightless, like they’ll blow away in a stiff wind, but the Transformers interact with their environments in a very solid way.

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