Thursday, August 16, 2007

An Interview with Todd Vaziri

Gerrit Van Goethem of VisualFXBlog interviewed little ole me for his excellent website. We talk about all the work that went into creating "Transformers'" visual effects at ILM.
We here at Visual FX Blog have been fans of Todd Vaziri ever since he created one of the first VFX-oriented sites on the net, VFXHQ, back in the early days of the web. It was way ahead of its time, an excellent repository of effects-related information and well-written reviews. His current blog, FXRant, continues that tradition.

So, given all that, we jumped at the opportunity to talk with the by-now sequence supervisor at industry-leading VFX provider Industrial Light and Magic about the work he did on Transformers.

Considering Todd’s job description and background, the main topic at hand was compositing, but we also discussed some of the model-work featured in the movie, as well as more general subjects like the current state of the visual effects industry or what a typical day at ILM is like.

I hope you enjoy the interview!

Interview with Todd Vaziri, full interview

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