Monday, August 13, 2007

More on ADAPT Montreal

VFXWorld has posted an article about the upcoming ADAPT Montreal conference, and they have some wacky quotes from yours truly. Be sure to click through to pages 2 and 3, which is where my part is located.
Vaziri is scheduled to give a special "making-of" presentation on Transformers. "I'm really so excited to talk about Transformers with people," he says. "Working on the film has been a wild ride, and I'm very anxious to talk about how we came up with solutions to very difficult problems. I love interacting with fellow colleagues, trading ideas, making new friends, and that looks like what //ADAPT is all about."

Vaziri will speak for two hours about how ILM accomplished the effects for the film. "I'll be talking about just about all the aspects of our production, from shooting on location, design work and creating the characters, animation, lighting, roto/paint and compositing, of course, with a special emphasis on compositing and integration of synthetic characters into photographic plates," he adds. "The presentation will contain relatively general terminology, but since one of my main focuses will be photographic integration, I'll probably be tossing out more film/photography terms than complex computer graphics terms. I plan on showing off specific shots from the film, showing before and after breakdowns and talking about what techniques we used to complete them."

I'm really looking forward to showing off the work that we accomplished for "Transformers." We've made some fantastic breakdowns that will really illustrate the complexity of the project. It will be great fun.

Oh, and what a perfect way to ruin a gorgeous shot of Optimus Prime, ready to take on Megatron in a knock-down, drag-out fight... by placing my ugly mug right next to the mighty robot. That brilliant shot was accomplished by the amazing team of Meghan Thornton (lighting), Jeff Wozniak (compositing), Duncan Blackman (layout), features the amazing Keiji Yamaguchi's animation, among other artists.

Read the full article at VFXWorld.


Anonymous said...

Can you download that presentation anywhere? Or buy it or whatever?

Would really like to see it.

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