Friday, May 25, 2007

Always Awesome: Maura Tierney

A gifted comedienne and dramatic actress, Maura Tierney is one of America's greatest actresses. She has a staggering range; she can play vulnerable characters, powerful characters, purely comedic characters, and sometimes all of those simultaneously.

Her breakout role was on the brilliant show, "Newsradio;" she played reporter Lisa Miller and was an important part of one of the most fantastic ensemble casts in television history (along with Dave Foley, Stephen Root, Andy Dick, and more). Even in her role in "ER," joining the cast long after the show had jumped the shark, she brings gravitas and intensity to every single episode.

Any Maura Tierney fan should see her in the little film, a quirky modern-day Macbeth, "Scotland, P.A."

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kary974 said...

maura is a really good actress, very talented and down to earth!!!
she's he best!!!