Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Appearing As Himself: Sam Elliott

An actor with a powerful presence, Sam Elliott doesn't seem to get the chance to flex his acting range. He kinda ends up playing Sam Elliott over and over again. He's the displaced cowboy with the "It's What's For Dinner" voice, looking up at ya with that long face, slowly dishing out some oddly profound advice with a fantastic drawl.

"The Big Lebowski," "Tombstone," "Ghost Rider," about 5,324 other films, and now Chris Weitz' "The Golden Compass."

Of course, that mustache does most of the acting for him. The giant cowboy hat helps, too.


Peter said...

He had a nice cameo in "Up in the Air," but I guess if you think about it, he was playing Sam Elliot there, too.

EaLaSpada said...

Ah, but who cares! It's Sam Elliott! And all is right with the world!
**also applies to Woody Allen**