Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bring it!

Oh, boy.

We're done.*

And it looks fantastic.

It's been really hard. But it was a joy-- because the people involved are so incredibly brilliant. It doesn't hurt that they're some of the coolest, kindest people on earth. "An honor and a privilege" doesn't do this experience justice.

Best. Show. Ever.

You're gonna love it. The rain will be brought.

Well, at least the effects.

*99.9% done, at the time of this typing.


Ben said...


Long time reader of VFXHQ, been following your career at ILM. Transformers looks amazing (hopefully Bay won't screw up the movie itself).

love the screencap of the starscream transformation ... how we see the engine flares right as the head pops out ...

Todd said...

Ben - thanks dude. You ain't seen nothing yet. Glad you like that little engine flare. It was fun to put together. We can talk about it more once the movie is out.