Friday, July 13, 2007

Alex Jaeger Article

CG Society is running a new article on Alex Jaeger, ILM's art director for "Transformers." Alex had the difficult job of interpreting the flat design artwork done by Michael Bay's production team, translating it into fully three dimensional transforming robots. Alex is an incredible artist, and a great colleague.

We worked together on "Hulk" for a very short time, and then on "Mission: Impossible III" last year, which was a blast. Alex pumped out an enormous amount of work for "Transformers," and he was a fantastic collaborator; he could easily talk to compositors, technical directors, matte artists, and communicate on the same level. It's always fun trading ideas back and forth with Alex.

He is one of the reasons "Transformers" looks so damn cool.

Read the full article here, and read his blog posting about the article here.

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