Wednesday, July 11, 2007

ILM's Biggest Fan: My Mom

So, after reading the review of "Transformers" written by her hometown newspaper, the Chicago Tribune, a reader wrote to the film critic, wondering why he didn't spend more time talking about the visual effects for the film.

That reader? My mom.
The other day I got a letter from Tribune reader Nancy Vaziri asking me what I thought of the Industrial Light & Magic special effects in "Transformers," which are essentially the point of the picture. In a nice way Vaziri chided me for focusing too much on matters not relating to the effects. After all, she wrote, "Do we really care who acted in this movie?"

Not much, no, which is one reason "Transformers" is a decently carpentered two-and-a-half-star diversion rather than a terrific popcorn picture. While the effects are pretty stunning in their assaultive way, only occasionally does Bay's film impart some brain-rattling pleasure to go with the noise. For me the highlight comes in the sight of the giant 'bots roller-skating down an L.A. freeway smashing into stuff.

Way to go, mom! (Readers note: I did not put her up to it! I swear!)

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