Saturday, July 07, 2007

Best Special Effects Of All Time?

From Phil Parker's movie blog from The Albuquerque Tribune, titled "Transformers: Best Special Effects Of All Time?":

Do a movie's special effects acually serve its plot? They do in "Transformers." This is a movie about 30-foot tall robots beating the snot out of each other. It looks, no joke, like there are actual living robots as tall as buildings who are agile enough to battle like ninjas. There are moments during the final scene, which will go down as an all-time great, where I just stopped and thought "Oh my God, that was amazing." I'm not exaggerating.

Read the full article, which also comments on the visual effects of "Jurassic Park," "Forrest Gump," the "Terminator" films, the "Pirates" films, "War of the Worlds," and more.
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