Sunday, July 29, 2007

Heavy Metal

Barbara Robertson interviews plenty of ILM'ers for an article for Computer Graphics World, covering our work in "Transformers."

You'll read some great quotes from our visual effects supervisor Scott Farrar, associate effects supervisor Russell Earl, animation supervisor Scott Benza, TD supervisor Hilmar Koch, our digital production supervisor Jeff White, viewpaint supervisor Ron Woodall, our location matchmover Duncan Blackman, and my office-buddy, sequence supervisor Tom Martinek.

Tom was in charge of the lighting of two key nighttime sequences, the Witwicky house sequence (where the Autobots hover around Sam's house while Sam looks for the glasses) and the alley sequence where the Autobots reveal themselves for the first time to Sam and Mikaela.

Tom and the artists involved with those sequences did a phenomenal job-- in the other action sequences, we could get away with certain things. However, for his sequences, there was no place to hide. The robots had to look believable. They had to look perfect.

Read the full article.

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bentNormal said...

Congrats guys, job well done, it was a pleasure working with you all!