Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oscar Tweets

Here are some highlights from my Academy Awards-night Tweets.

(If you're not following me on The Twitter, then shame on you.*)
  • Just saw Ben Snow on The Television
  • Just saw David Hisanaga, John Walker and Aaron McBride from @ilmvfx on The Television.
  • Here is one reason why our work on "Iron Man 2" by @ILMVFX was nominated for an Oscar.
  • Warren Beatty looks like he'd rather be anywhere other than where he is right now.
  • Oh, dear, why would they put George Hamilton's corpse on TV? Oh, that's Valentino. Nevermind.
  • Oh, I remember when Nicole Kidman was human.
  • Hugh Jackman: Movie Star.
  • Hugh Jackman is cool even in crummy movies.
  • I'm two for two tonight. (In my predictions.)
  • Robert Stromberg, former vfx artist, now has two Academy Awards for Art Direction. Yeahhh!!!!
  • I'm six out of seven.
  • I'm still a bit amazed that there are TWO categories for sound.
  • James Franco: "Congratulations, nerds," on the Technical Academy Awards. I don't know how to feel about that one.
  • My instinct was, 'eff you, Franco.'
  • That's, **Academy Award Winning Film** "The Wolfman."
  • Just saw Florian Kainz from ILMVFX on The Television.
  • You played off Aaron Sorkin, but had time for Auto-Tune the movies?
  • Technical Oscars shot = too many white dudes. And this is coming from a mostly-white dude.
  • A standing ovation for Billy Crystal - if that's not a huge rebuke of tonight's show, nothing is.
  • Yeah, The Predictinator nails it.
  • I'm happy The Predictinator got it right. But I'm sad that our work on "Iron Man 2" didn't win.
  • I'm sticking with "eff you Franco" on the "Congratulations, nerds," quip.
  • Darn - I screwed up Best Director. I guess I really really really wanted Fincher to get it.
  • Nailed it. Now I'm 17/23.
  • (For Best Actor) British + cripple + crying = guess who will win?
  • Hey, @jamesfranco. The five nominated visual effects films earned $3.5 billion dollars. So that's what nerds did.
  • Showing my work: Alice-$1.024B, HP71-$948M, Inception-$823M, IronMan2-$622M, Hereafter-$101M = $3.518B. Data from
  • Final tally - I predicted 18 out of 24 categories.

*Just kidding. It's just that I've been so busy lately, I haven't had time to post here on FXRant. So crummy Tweets will have to do for now.

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vfx fan said...

You know, they could've easily made the Oscars more hip by losing all the formal wear.