Thursday, November 19, 2020

Todd Vaziri on the Talking Bay 94 Podcast

It was my pleasure to be the guest on Talking Bay 94, a terrific Star Wars podcast. 

Industrial Light & Magic digital artist and compositing supervisor Todd Vaziri has worked on every Star Wars movie since 2002, beginning with Attack of the Clones.

Whether for the prequels (including the final duel on Mustafar), the sequels (figuring out the feel of a modern Star Wars movie), the spin-offs (helping to bring Tarkin and the Kessel Run to life), theme park rides (including Star Tours and Rise of the Resistance), or Stephen Colbert’s Green Screen Challenge, Mr. Vaziri’s passion for movie-making is evident in his every shot, and in his every answer on this episode, I’ve wanted him to be a guest on Talking Bay 94 for such a long time, and man, it was so worth the wait. Make sure you are following him on Twitter: @tvaziri … he is truly one of the best people to follow, period, on that app.

Talking Bay 94

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