Friday, April 04, 2008

"Raiders of the Lost Ark:" Foregrounds and Backgrounds

Continuing our series, paying tribute to the photography of Douglas Slocombe for "Raiders of the Lost Ark." (Be sure to see Part 1, "Raiders:" Shadows and Silhouettes, and Part 2, "Raiders:" Eyes.)

Here is a sampling of images from "Raiders," where Spielberg and Slocombe frame objects of varying depths in the frame. In these shots, the filmmakers are telling a story from multiple depths, as well as filling the screen from left to right.

Coming up next time: simply cool shots from "Raiders."



marfaw said...

Great article, thanks :) I've always loved to the look of the Indy Trilogy.

grendel25 said...

Great posts on Raiders. I'm definitely going to be watching them in a whole new way now.